Laundry Delivery Service for Spas & Salons

Commercial Laundry Service For Spas & Salons

Running a salon is no easy task, not to mention the large investment in equipment. Washing your towels with run of the mill washers can discolor and stain your towels due to the harsh chemicals used for washing them. Leaving the towels to professionals will save time because you won’t wash your towels in smaller quantities and save money by being able to use the same towels over and over again for a long time without having to replace them as often because you are having them professionally cleaned.

We can help you get there, so you can do what you do best, and what is important for your salon or spa business. Laundry Butler provides a quick turnaround time and a reliable service for your salon or spa. Hiring a commercial laundry service like us means that you will be saving space for the towels and you will be freeing up time for your employees to do what they do best. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about washing machines or dryer breakdowns, as we have top-of-the-line machines that are designed for industrial use.

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